1. Ginny

    The Adventures of The Intern: Episode 1- Eboo Patel and IFYC

    So we meet again SCUPE-lings! I’ve been busy working with SCUPE’s Cross-cultural Ministry and Interfaith Dialogue Intensive course, part of the Graduate Theological Urban Studies (GTUS) program. This two week class is full of adventures, but one particular adventure really caught my interest: Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC). IFYC and its fearless leader, a Mr. Eboo...
  2. Ginny

    The Adventures of The Intern: Introduction

    Greetings SCUPE-lings! I am Ginny McNulty, code name: The Intern. I’m a senior Peace and Global Studies major at Earlham College and I’m The Intern at SCUPE here in Chicago for the summer of 2012. I live on the South Side (Go White Sox) and I love Chicago. I did a different internship last summer...