1. Tanya Sadagopan

    Dr. Helene Slessarev-Jamir on Economic Injustice

    By Danelle King: I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Helene Slessarev-Jamir who serves as a co-chair for the 2014 SCUPE Congress on Urban Ministry (to be held in Chicago on June, 23-26). Dr. Sleesarev-Jamir resided on the south side of Chicago for many years and now teaches at the Claremont School of Theology in Southern California. Dr. Slessarev-Jamir has done labor organizing in Washington, D.C. and community organizing in Chicago. She believes in not only serving as a scholar, but as a person actively seeking justice in our communities.
  2. Mark Hannan

    Upcoming ALTE Workshop on Immigration

    Immigration: Theological Perspective and Legal Issues Esta pagina en español Presenters: Lcda. María Strohmeier Rev. Luis Quiñones What does it mean that people are deemed “illegal” simply by their location? What are the existing laws and the present challenges regarding immigration, citizenship, and deportation? How does seeing the Bible through...