1. Mark Hannan

    Gang Violence, Pastoral Care & the African American Church

    One of SCUPE's fall 2013 offerings 'Gang Violence Pastoral Care and the African-American Church' is a course of the Center for African American Theological Studies (CAATS). This course is an online hybrid course meaning that the majority of course time takes place online with only two, face-to-face weekends in Chicago. For more information call SCUPE.
  2. Mark Hannan

    “Make War Illegal”, Says Global Church

    About 1000 representatives of churches from around the world gathered in Kingston, Jamaica, May 17-25 for the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (IEPC). The event was a celebration of ten years of work by the World Council of Churches on the Decade to Overcome Violence. The work of IEPC deepens the work of Peacemaking in a Culture of Violence that SCUPE addressed at the 2011 Congress on Urban Ministry. We will use the insights of events such as the IEPC to position SCUPE to continue the work of peacemaking more vigorously.