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Welcome to the Congress Podcast an urban ministry audio resource centered around SCUPE’s the biennial conference: the Congress on Urban Ministry.

Peacemaking in a Culture of Violence

As SCUPE was preparing for the 2011 Congress on Urban Ministry, we had the opportunity talk with some of the urban ministry practitioners who were to be a part conference in March, 2011. Listen in on the conversation around issues of violence, peacemaking, ministry in the urban context.

Mini Episode – Otis Moss III

This brief excerpt is taken from SCUPE’s April 2010 class The Art of Prophetic Preaching in the Urban Context.  The class is taught by SCUPE President Dave Frenchak and the Otis Moss III from Trinity UCC in Chicago.

In this portion of the class Otis Moss III expounds on the differences between the biblical concepts of the prophet and the priest and the relevance of these concepts for modern day preachers.

Rev. Moss III co-teaches SCUPE’s Art of Prophetic Preaching in the Urban Context course (held in Chicago during three weekends in April of every year).

Episode One – Bill Wylie-Kellermann

Peacemaking in a Culture of Violence.  Our first episode examines the hidden violence within culture, the biblical concept of the principalities and the powers, direct liturgical action, and some current practices of peacemaking on community and congregational level.  We talk with urban pastor, theologian, and Stringfellow authority Bill Wylie-Kellermann and hear portions of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s historic speech against the Vietnam War: “Beyond Vietnam – a Time to Break Silence”.

Rev. Wylie-Kellermann teaches SCUPE’s Urban Principalities and the Spirit of the City course (held in Chicago during three weekends in February each year), SCUPE’s Urban Peacemaking in a Culture of Violence course (held in Chicago during on intensive week in January each year), as well as the graduate level theological course which happens in conjunction with each Congress on Urban Ministry.

Episode Two – Jim Perkinson

Art & Faith in a Culture of Violence.  In this episode we celebrate the potency of art in a culture of violence and the peacemaking possibilities of faith as we talk with poet-theologian and author of White Theology: Outing Supremacy in Modernity, Jim Perkinson.  We hear spoken word poetry from Jim and a number of other contemporary luminaries including Saul Williams, Billy Collins, and Quincy Troupe.

Dr. Perkinson teaches SCUPE’s Christology and Culture course (held in Chicago during three weekends in March of every year).




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