1. Shanta Premawardhana

    Nomondo’s Cry: Where Theology Begins

    “Nomondo cries for all our children” preached Rev. Dr. Allan Boesak in his sermon opening SCUPE’s Congress on Urban Ministry (June 23, 2014). Dr. Boesak is a theologian from South Africa and a veteran of the struggle against apartheid together with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and late president Nelson Mandela. Boesak’s main point is also SCUPE’s distinctive theological method. Our theology begins not by reading great works of theological literature of a bygone era, or even by reading scripture. It begins by listening to Nomondo’s cry. That’s our starting point. Our theology today must begin in listening to the cries of the mothers of the victims of the spate of police brutality and gun violence that we are witnessing: Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and many others.
  2. Shanta Premawardhana

    CAATS is Celebrating 10 Years!

    Join us in Celebrating! SCUPE will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of its Center for African American Theological Studies (CAATS) with a two-day event September 19-20. With a distinctive African-centered model rooted in urban contextuality we have been offering graduate and certificate level theological education to African American women and men for ten years now. I am writing to extend a personal invitation to you to attend this important occasion. The CAATS 10th Anniversary celebration will comprise three unique events...
  3. Mark Hannan

    The Centrality of African Centered Theological Education

    I received much more than what I bargained for. As an emerging scholar, CAATS cultivated my scholarly interests, which are rooted in the Black Church and the African American religious experience... I learned that Africentricity is an orientation, a location, position, and perspective that empowers African people to become the subjects of an evolving historical narrative, and not merely disembodied objects on the fringes of historical consideration.
  4. Mark Hannan

    An Open Letter from Detroit Religious Leaders and Allies

    To Detroiters we say, alert, defend and protect your neighbors from shut-off. To Faith communities we say, become stations of water distribution (for information and guidance on this call 1-844-42WATER), as well as places of education, community and resistance. To Water workers, we say refuse to cut off your fellow citizens. To the Water Board, we say reverse this inhuman policy: turn their water back on. To the City Council, we say stop compounding this travesty with rate increases and other complicity. Revive and implement the Water Affordability Program. To the Governor we say: cease privatization and call off this action taken under emergency management.

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Cuidado Pastoral en la Comuniad Latin@ (ALTE)
Dr. Daniel S. Schipani
September 5-6, October 3-4 & 31, November 1 & 14-15
(viernes 6pm - 10pm y sábados 8:30am - 4pm)

Introduction to Theological Writing (CAATS)
Dr. Katara Patton Washington
September 22 - December 8 (Mondays)
Mondays from 6:15pm-9:15pm
Inter. R 361

Desarrollo económico en la comunidad latina (ALTE)
Dr. Shirley Pulgar-Hughes & Dr. Timothy R. Eberhart
September 19-20, October 17-18, November 7-8, December 12-13
(viernes 6pm - 10pm y sábados 8:30am - 4pm)

Introduction to Biblical Studies (CAATS)
Dr. Afri Atiba
September 24 - December 10 (Wednesdays)
Wednesdays from 6:15pm-9:15pm
Bib. R301

Pastoral Care in the African American Church (CAATS)
Dr. Danielle Buhuro
September 25 - December 11 (Thursdays)
Thursdays from 6:15pm-9:15pm
Min. R 340

Eco-Justice: A Vision for a Sustainable City (GTUS)
October 3-4, 17-18, 24-25
(Fridays 1-9pm; Saturdays 9am-5pm)

Public Issues In Urban Ministry (GTUS course page)
October 17-18, November 7-8; December 12-13
(Fridays 1-9pm; Saturdays 9am-5pm)

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